Street art

Graffiti in Oslo

Graffiti in Oslo, Norway

Inspired by Jørgen Stensrud – co-worker and friend – and his picture of Urban Creatures from my neighborhood, I took my own camera on a graffiti safari of the area. Jørgen has done a better job at capturing the details, but I was in a different mood 🙂

I’m a big fan of graffiti of all kinds (yes, tags too), but as Jørgen writes on his photoblog, these are incredibly cool, and indeed credit to the artist (don’t know who that is, unfortunately).

Here’s some other pics from the area:

nabolaget okt 2008 070

nabolaget okt 2008 072 v2

nabolaget okt 2008 075

Love them!

Also like this one, although it might not be as appealing:
nabolaget okt 2008 081

I guess this last one is more in the category Urban Decay, which I stumbled upon today on lostmoya’s blog post Abandonment and Urban Decay. I agree with his writing, that there’s a strange beauty in photos of abandoned buildings, lonely places, slow deterioration and the gradual reclamation of the highest works of man by nature.

So today I think I like this last picture the best.


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  1. Urban decay is beautiful, and horrible at the same time. As you know im a sucker for the close details, but I think these shots are great. And its a great location as well.
    Hmm…I have to take another go at it one of these days 🙂

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