Street Art Mark II

Ved Jakobs kirke Ved Jakobs kirke
Ved Jakobs kirke Ved Jakobs kirke

More graffiti from the neighborhood. Here’s a couple of tags I found by a now defunct church – Jakobs kirke – in Oslo. It’s now used as a cultural center and currently having some work done on the facade.  These somehow don’t look like random, illegal tags (and it is just the scaffolding). But they’re a bit different, anyway.

A bit further down the same street you’ll find this building, Hausmania – also a cultural center. Real cool graffiti on the end wall of the building, which actually is a legal graffiti wall (although it wasn’t at the time it was done). This pic was taken late October, but walked pass just the other day, and now there’s work on the way on the vacent lot right by this wall. So I wonder if all this stuff might disappear?



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